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Jane Sutton Education Consultant

Jane Sutton
Education Consultant

School Admissions Appeals Advice and Support

Jane Sutton Education Consultant supplies advice and support for school admissions appeals throughout England, providing professional expertise, which is drawn from 15 years of working for a local authority (five of those presenting cases on behalf of local authority schools at over 500 appeal hearings). In more recent years Jane has used her knowledge and expertise to help parents to win their appeals.

Jane does not take any INFANT CLASS SIZE APPEALS (Reception, Year 1 or Year 2 where there are 30 children in a class). If you wish to speak to someone about this type of appeal, please phone Stuart on 07453 047000.

As a parent you have the right to apply for any school you wish for your child either in or outside your county. However, this does not mean that your child will gain a place at your preferred school. Every parent has the right to apply for any school they wish for their child, but this does not mean that your child will gain a place at your preferred school. Many popular schools are over subscribed, which means there are more parents requesting places than there are places available and therefore places have to be refused. In this case every parent who has been refused a place must be offered the right of appeal.

The school appeals process can be exceedingly difficult to navigate for the lay person, due to legal obstacles and official procedures and whilst support is available it is not always easy to understand. Usually parents who attend a school admissions appeal find it extremely daunting, often likening it to a 'mini court' where they get feelings of being 'on trial'.

Nationally, approximately 25% of parents who appeal win their case, Jane's success rate for winning school admissions appeals for parent's first choice school in the past four academic years has averaged out at 83%.

Parents are normally allowed only one school admission appeal per academic year, so, it is vital that you give it your very best shot for your child's future.

Getting professional advice and support with your school appeal will secure you a greater chance of success in winning your appeal and obtaining a place for your child at your preferred school.

Free no obligation telephone call

Phone between 9:00am and 8:00pm on 07725 702770 for a free, no obligation chat about your case.

Once you have given the facts about the reasons for the refusal to admit an assessment will be made about the type of appeal you can expect and your chances of being successful at appeal and how best to proceed.

Before you pick up the phone for your free, no obligation assessment of your individual case, it would save time and be helpful to have background information ready, including for instance.

  • The name of the school your child has been refused
  • The name of the school your child is attending, or has been offered as an alternative
  • The Local Authority in which you live
  • The refusal letter (to determine what kind of appeal will be held)